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When Treatment Causes Menopause

Menopause always comes with challenges. When you are 50ish, the symptoms come on gradually. But when you are younger and still have normal or relatively normal hormone levels, treatment causes an abrupt drop in those hormones, and that causes you to be catapulted into menopause. That large, sudden change in hormones causes large, sudden changes …


This Body – How Well Do You Take Care of Your Body/

My philosophy is to take care of the SUM of you and not just SOME of you. It’s important to be able to offer the latest medical information and treatments, but it’s also important to offer a holistic approach. That’s my philosophy. For this blog post, I decided to say this another way. Let me …


It's Never Too Late To Get Younger – Really!

Don’t give up on getting younger. New studies are showing that years of too little exercise, poor food choices and too much stress can be reversed – and measured to prove it. That’s great news if you are in or around menopause. The basis of my claim lies in the tiny tips or your chromosomes …


Silent Heart Attacks in Women

  Today, I want to talk to you about something I discuss with many of my menopausal patients and that you may not be aware of. As a woman, you are more at risk of dying of a heart attack than your male counterpart. Can you imagine? Most people think that heart disease is the picture …


Changes in Weight and Metabolism

Older adults aren’t aged versions of younger adults any more than children are younger versions of adults. Each stage of life functions slightly differently with different strengths and weaknesses. Menopause and aging in general is associated with changes in both our genes and in our metabolism. In fact, you don’t have to be that old. …


Bladder Control and Types of Incontinence

To get an idea of how many people are struggling with bladder control, walk in any drug store. More adult absorption pads such as Depends are sold each year than disposable baby diapers. Urinary tract problems are a major problem for the American population and one of the most embarrassing aspects of aging. That’s why …


The Facts About Weight Gain with Dr. Emma

Two out of three women are challenged with weight issues. About 1/3 of Americans are overweight and 1/3 are obese. I recently interviewed Dr. Sheri Emma, a specialist in weight loss, health and nutritional science, about weight gain in women. She shared with me the reasons behind weight gain and the affect that hormones have …


Hair Loss In Women: There Is A Treatment

Hair loss for women can be embarrassing and frightening. I recently talked to Dr. Ryan Welter on the subject and he provided us with great insight into the common problem. Hair loss in women is more common than one would think. Hair loss has always been highlighted as a men’s health issue, but studies have …


Your Menopause, Your Mom and Her Driving

For the sandwich generation, going through menopause means not only dealing with your issues; there are your kids and your parents issues to cope with as well. One area that is a real challenge is helping your parents decide to “hang up the car keys.” The very people who gave us our car keys must …


Low Estrogen in Menopause Lowers Vision

As if hot sweats, irritability and poor sleep weren’t enough, a new study published in the August issue of Menopause showed that women in menopause who do not receive estrogen had a higher risk of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a painless increase in pressure within the eye that irreversibly leads to blindness. The authors found a …

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