Keep your audience laughing and learning. Health expert Dr. Mache combines health education with music, videos, stories and audience interaction to transform performances into a health experience. His breadth of knowledge as one of America’s top physicians allows him to tailor presentations that bring exciting educational content to consumers, professional organizations and industry.

Dr. Mache has performed at the U.S. Department of Health, the CDC, Space Center Houston as well as professional and corporate meetings across the country. He has appeared on The Today Show, Inside Edition, Fox News, NPR, PBS, NYTV and many others.

Audiences will learn to:

  • Gain perspective about what they can do to stay well
  • Get out of their chairs and take action to stay healthy
  • Identify potential causes of illness and make healthy adjustments
  • Incorporate great health choices and common sense into their daily lives

Invite Dr. Mache
to perform at your next event or meeting to help your audience, clients and employees stay well and productive.

“Music makes people more receptive to learning and helps increase retention. HealthRock is a uniquely brilliant format for sharing health messages.”

Mehmet Oz
MD/The Dr. Oz Show

“Your presence and your message were very important for our youth…and served to emphasize what was important about the events. We’re looking forward to many more collaborations in the future.”

Dr. Melanie Johnson
Director of Education/Space Center Houston