Waking Up to Pee? Here’s How to Slow the Flow.

Let’s face it, the nighttime path from the bed to the pottie is well worn in many households.   It’s called nocturia and it’s often gets worse in menopause as lower estrogen levels weaken the tissues that support the bladder and create a much more sensitive bladder. Lower estrogen levels also worsen sleep, hot flashes …


Musical Monday – Incontinence Music Video

As estrogen levels lower near menopause, a lot of women develop a sensitive bladder. The medical term is OAB or overactive bladder. Oab is a term for a collection of symptoms related to bladder control. You may experience: More frequent urination Sudden urges to urinate Difficulty getting to a bathroom on time before leaking urine …


How to Stop Urine Loss and Incontinence Naturally For Better Bladder Control

Do you leak when you sneeze or cough? Rush to make it to the bathroom on time? Improve urinary urgency and incontinence with this powerful bladder control natural treatment. You’ll benefit from this discussion I had with Suzanne Andrews, host of the PBS show, Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews. Are you coping with a sensitive …


My Pelvic Floor Therapy Journey

Suzanne Andrews, star of the PBS show Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews shares her personal journey with pelvic floor therapy. “OK, now, squeeze,” orders the urologist. I lie on the cold hard steel of the gynecology table, my feet nervously cradled in the stirrups, and naked from the waist down. “Now squeeze like you’re trying …


Painful Sex, Vaginal Dryness Common In Menopause, Rarely Treated – Estrogen Helps

For women in menopause, narrowing and thinning of the vaginal tissues and vaginal dryness, a condition called vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) is one of the most common symptoms.  Though it affects over half of women, only 7% are treated and many are unaware that effective treatments are available. Typical symptoms are vaginal dryness that can lead …


7 Tips to Control Stress Incontinence

If you’ve ever worried you wouldn’t find a bathroom in time or worried about wetting your pants each time you sneeze, read on to understand the problem and find tips on what to do. Shhhhh. Most women don’t want to talk about it. In fact most wait 5-7 years to discuss it with their doctor. …


8 Treatment Options for Bladder Control Problems

Twenty years ago the number of options for treating urinary tract problems were limited and the most common choice offered was a hysterectomy. Today, there are many more options to consider. Here are some of the more common ones: 1. Bladder training – This approach teaches you to urinate only at scheduled times and waiting …


Bladder Control and Types of Incontinence

To get an idea of how many people are struggling with bladder control, walk in any drug store. More adult absorption pads such as Depends are sold each year than disposable baby diapers. Urinary tract problems are a major problem for the American population and one of the most embarrassing aspects of aging. That’s why …