Listen to examples of custom songs by Dr. Mache below and see how he will turn your message into a song or melody people will remember!

Ask Dr. Mache to work with your company or organization to reach and teach your audience. He licenses his extensive music library and creates customized songs, health songs and music videos for your company or launch. Hear examples below.

His music writing has won multiple awards including CD of the Year Awards for Health & Fitness from Creative Child, music video awards from both the Doctor’s Channel and the Health & Science Communications Association (HeSCA) and an eHealthcare Leadership Award.

Dr. Mache’s compositions and music videos have appeared on multiple web sites and on national radio and television including PBS, NPR and NYCTV.

Contact Dr. Mache to license existing music from our large music library, for custom songs (examples below) or commission a new work to make your message memorable. A partial list of companies and organizations he has customized songs for include:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • Barr Pharmaceuticals
  • HealthCorps
  • Inverness Medical Innovations (now Alere)
  • Jimmy Fund
  • NASA
  • National Association of Medical Communicators
  • National Sleep Foundation
  • Noven Pharmaceuticals
  • Red Hot Mamas
  • Southeast Regional T-STEM Center
  • Unilever
  • Unipath

Examples of custom songs are:

Healthy Halloween

Written for HealthCorps’ Healthy Halloween initiative

Red Hot Mama

Theme song for Red Hot Mamas national organization

Vivelle Dot

Commissioned for sales force at Noven Pharmaceuticals to excite and to help recall specific FDA wording.


Theme song for Texas Regional STEM initiative


Written for Houston Space Center Physics Day event

I Will Survive

Written for American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Medical Communicator

Written for National Association of Medical Communicators