Better Sex, Better Intimacy 6 CD Audio Program

A My Menopause™ Audio Series

bsbiSexual problems are so common that many women think they are normal. Over 50% of women report having a sexual problem at some point in their life, and after menopause, that percentage jumps to over 80% of women.

Sexual problems make you feel a distance from your partner and less happy. They can also be embarrassing or difficult to discuss with your health care provider. And some medical people aren’t comfortable discussing sex and intimacy issues. That makes it even worse.

The Better Sex, Better Intimacy Audio Program was created to offer you the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained from taking care of more than 10,000 patients over the past 30 years. I’ve helped women with just about every sexual problem. I want to help you overcome your sexual problems so you can rebuild your relationship with your partner.

Like my patients, I want to help you get back your lost sex drive, more easily achieve orgasm, identify potential sources of painful sex and offer solutions to vaginal dryness. We’ll discuss coping with the issues brought on by cancer and its treatments. And if you’ve considered a sex therapist but can’t imagine what that would be like, now you are going to know. I want to help you stop feeling frustrated.

This program was created by interviewing six of America’s top sex experts who specialize in the areas you want to improve so you can break through the difficulties you are experiencing. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. What is Sexual Dysfunction – You’ll have so much more perspective and understanding of what you are dealing with
  2. What to Expect From A Sex Therapist – Fear no more. You’ll understand why a good sex therapist can make your sex life so much better.
  3. How to Achieve Better Sex Today – Here’s how to get started – and it’s so clear and easy that anybody can do it.
  4. Painful Sex – This can be fixed! Learn why it happens and how to overcome it
  5. Sex and Cancer – What to expect and how to remain intimate
  6. Sex With Disabilities and Chronic Disease – if you are dealing with one of these situations you need this information

All you have to do is just listen. Just put the CD in your car as your driving, or listen in the privacy of your house. And if you do the simple things we talk about, you’re going to find yourself living a greater quality of life and enjoying better sex and better intimacy.

Better Sex, Better Intimacy 6 Audio Series Entire 6 CD Program

Nearly six hours of life-changing information. Purchase the entire six CD set now.  Download all six digital mp3 interviews now and pay only $197.

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