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When Treatment Causes Menopause

Menopause always comes with challenges. When you are 50ish, the symptoms come on gradually. But when you are younger and still have normal or relatively normal hormone levels, treatment causes an abrupt drop in those hormones, and that causes you to be catapulted into menopause. That large, sudden change in hormones causes large, sudden changes …


What Causes Menopause? Hint: It Isn't Men.

A recent article in Science Daily suggested men are responsible for menopause. I think it is good press and poor science; the conclusions place a much heavier emphasis on statistics than on sound thinking. Menopause as we know it today has much more to do with the fact that women live longer now than ever …


Older Fathers Increase Child's Autism Risk

While older moms are usually the cause of genetic diseases in their children such as Down’s Syndrome, a new study in the journal Nature suggests that it is older fathers responsible for the rise in autism. The study was done in Iceland in 78 families who had a diagnosis of autism or schizophrenia. The sequences of …


Having A Baby After 40

I’m often asked by women over the age of 40 my opinion on having a baby. Clearly it’s a personal decision by a woman and her partner. But I have gained a lot of wisdom and experience in this area, so here is my personal position statement on later motherhood that I would like to …


Egg Cells Still Develop in Menopause

A new study in Nature Medicine further proved the initial work of Jonathan Tilly of Mass General Hospital that the initial number of eggs a woman is born with do not run out, but rather continue to be produced as the woman ages. The impact of this article is that as new research develops, it …