Some Night Sweats Aren't Due to Menopause


Many women know that a flushing face and night sweats are a part of menopause. But menopause is not always the cause.

Sometimes these nuisances are a symptom of something else. As a matter of fact, a wide range of conditions can cause hot flashes and night sweats (and sometimes day sweats). It’s called Sleep Hyperhidrosis.

Here are some of the non-menopausal causes of night sweats.


This medical condition affects about 2-3% of people. The affected personIt experiences unexplainable and excessive sweating during sleep even when their room is cool and comfortable. Palms and hands, armpits, and feet are extremely sweaty and their may be facial blushing.Stress and anxiety can make it worse.

The good news is that there are test to make the diagnosis and medications for treatment.

Lymphoma (Hodgkin’s Disease or Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

This is a cancer of the immune system or lymphocytes. People who have it often notice an enlarged or swollen lymph gland that is often painless. Usually the diagnosis is made by taking a biopsy of the lymph node. There can be other symptoms, but night sweats are common.


If you are taking medications such as Antidepressants, certain psychiatric drugs, aspirin, acetaminophen, birth control pill, cortisone, niacin, Viagra or heart medications containing nitroglycerine and there are no other causes for your night sweats, it could be your medication interfering with your natural cooling system.

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

If your blood sugar suddenly drops below the normal range, you might experience sweating and even confusion. Sometimes people feel dizzy and confused.

People with diabetes who get to much insulin or sometimes people without diabetes who “run out of fuel” for their body can have hypoglycemia. Usually it is treated by eating something with sugar in it like a glass of orange juice.

If it doesn’t get treated, it can be serious. It is another important cause of drenched sheets that isn’t due to menopause.

Tuberculosis, HIV and Other Infections

One of the more serious causes of night sweats not due to menopause is infection. Among them, tuberculosis or TB as it’s called is one of the most common culprits. Other infections such as HIV, abcesses and inflammation of the heart called endocarditis are some of the other infectious reasons.

Stress and Anxiety

If you’ve even noticed, it’s pretty common to sweat when you’re anxious and stressed. And if that’s how you feel when you go to sleep, night sweats can be pretty common. You can get my free Stress Busters eBook here to help you.


Now you know some of the causes of night sweats that are not due to menopause. Even though menopause may be the likely culprit, it’s important to know other things may be going on.

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