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Musical Monday – Incontinence Music Video

As estrogen levels lower near menopause, a lot of women develop a sensitive bladder. The medical term is OAB or overactive bladder. Oab is a term for a collection of symptoms related to bladder control. You may experience: More frequent urination Sudden urges to urinate Difficulty getting to a bathroom on time before leaking urine …


My Pelvic Floor Therapy Journey

Suzanne Andrews, star of the PBS show Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews shares her personal journey with pelvic floor therapy. “OK, now, squeeze,” orders the urologist. I lie on the cold hard steel of the gynecology table, my feet nervously cradled in the stirrups, and naked from the waist down. “Now squeeze like you’re trying …


Bladder Control and Types of Incontinence

To get an idea of how many people are struggling with bladder control, walk in any drug store. More adult absorption pads such as Depends are sold each year than disposable baby diapers. Urinary tract problems are a major problem for the American population and one of the most embarrassing aspects of aging. That’s why …