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Music Monday: Love Doesn’t Hurt – How a song opened discussion about abusive relationships

For many women and teens February is not all about chocolate and roses, but about how to escape from an abusive relationship. For many it is very difficult to talk about this topic, let alone take action to make changes.   Songs can be a way of opening the conversation.   My wife and I …


7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier Perimenopause

Perimenopause happens soon after 40. And the “Oh No, Four O” for many is the beginning of personal issues such as food addiction, unhappy relationships, workaholism, getting over stress, over anxious, or overweight.   Have these internalized beliefs left you worried about whether or not you will remain healthy, desirable, lovable, or employable? Do you …


Music Monday: Your Heart is A Pump – a Tribute to American Heart Month

When was the last time your pump had a tune-up? Of course I’m talking about your heart. It’s the size of your fist and it works 24/7 to to bring oxygen to every cell in your body from before you are born till your dying day.   This week’s Music Monday salutes American Heart Month …


Music Monday: Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month – the perfect time to share songs from    my Healthy Teeth CD.  The selection is a catchy tune called Wiggle Your Tooth to make going to  dentist a little more fun, especially during the pandemic when we’re all trying to stay healthy. The music is performed by Lake …


Premature Menopause Increases Emotional and Physical Symptoms

Menopause symptoms are no fun. Some of the symptoms are physical, like hot flashes. Others are emotional, like mood swings. Yet others are sexual, like vaginal dryness or decreased sex drive. Would these symptoms be different for women who go through menopause at an earlier age compared with women who go through menopause later in …