Written Testimonials


“Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful songs and energy with us. I know everyone enjoyed your songs—very relevant lyrics! You certainly helped make Upstaging Lung Cancer’s Fundraiser a huge success. Hope you will join us again next year.”

Hildy Grossman
President & Founder
Upstage Lung Cancer

“Everyone so enjoyed your talk and I can’t wait to share some of your wonderful songs and insight with my patients. Again, thanks for sharing.”

Cary Perry, MD

“Your presentation at the Georgia OB/GYN Society was just wonderful! They saved the best for last! Thank you for all the inspiration. I am looking forward to making use of your ideas and enthusiasm.”

Mardi Schaufler, MD

“Music makes people more receptive to learning and helps increase retention. HealthRock is a uniquely brilliant format for sharing health messages.”

Mehmet Oz, MD
Health Expert
The Dr. Oz Show

“Your presence and your message were very important for our youth. As I mentioned in an interview, your message served to emphasize what was important about the events, in the midst of all of the activities that took place. We’re looking forward to many more collaborations in the future.”

Dr. Melanie Johnson
Director of Education
Space Center Houston

“Thank you so much for the wonderful performance you have at Children’s Hospital Boston on June 11. It was truly a special treat, one that attracted attendees from across the hospital community. We received a great deal of positive feedback.

We hope there will be opportunities for future collaborations with Children’s Hospital. Best of luck with your musical enterprise.”

S. Jean Emans, MD
Faculty Director
Children’s Hospital Boston
Maxine Milstein, MBA
Administrative Director
Children’s Hospital Boston

“Thank you so much for doing such a terrific job creating the Vivelle-Dot song. The team LOVED IT!!! They gave you a standing ovation!!! Your talent is such a true and unique gem. We look forward to looking with you the next time we need a fun and creative way to get our message out.”

Stephanie Lamenta
Product Manager, Women’s Health Marketing
Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Students and community here just haven’t stopped talking about your DocRock entertainment. We sure enjoyed you here, and I hope that when you come back home you’ll be able to do a few more programs for our other students that missed out. It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Deborah E. Laine
Executive Directory
Texas City Independent School District Foundation

“Thanks so much for participating in the Urban Zen Foundation/HealthCorps’ FitTown program on Childhood Obesity that we held at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center. The attendees loved your songs and stories and they all started clapping when you sang the Phat Fat Rap. It was a lot of fun! People have been talking about that for a while. We look forward to having you participate again in future programs.”

Rachel P. Goldstein
Director of Program Development
Urban Zen Foundation

“…we are extremely pleased with the development of our STEM song. You took our thoughts and made them come alive in song. The lyrics express the STEM content as well as the message that we wanted to convey and the music is most appropriate for our target audience. Thank you so much and we look forward to a very productive collaboration in the future!”

Clifford W. Houston, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Educational Outreach
University of Texas Medical Branch

“Dr. Mache served as an expert on my company’s behalf in a legal proceeding, a matter in which we prevailed. The judge noted in his decision that Dr. Mache’s testimony was more credible and persuasive than the opposition’s medical expert. Dr. Mache did this, I believe, by being thoroughly prepared and reasonable in his positions. He also happens to come across as honest, likeable and can explain complex ideas well.”

Andrew J. Lane
Lane Labs

“You certainly had fifty people engaged and informed…with smiles all around. Thanks so much for coming to speak to us and for being so generous with your time and attention to our people. Hope they didn’t keep you there all night.

May your health education program with music thrive and reach a wide audience.”

Nancy R. Winsten
Temple Isaiah
Lexington MA

“I made a point to be at your presentation and it was the highlight of the meeting for me. Thank you so very much for your contributions to a very successful meeting. You certainly do put the ‘communications’ in Health and Science!”

Ron Sokolowski
Executive Director
Health & Science Communications Association (HeSCA)

“On behalf of the Temple Emanuel L’Chaim Senior group, I want to thank you for your performance at their recent meeting on Tuesday, April 27th. Everyone who attended the meeting said ‘it was one of the most enjoyable programs of the year.’ “

Doris Lelchook
Temple Emanuel L’Chaim Group