I want to empower your audience with the insight, inspiration, and information they need to stay well, and make healthcare decisions that help them enjoy the life they want to live.

Women make over 80% of healthcare decisions for their families.

But health information can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes scary. And making the right healthcare decisions not only affects her family’s health and her relationship with her partner, but also her health and her effectiveness at work.

But getting understandable, accurate health information isn’t easy. It’s like panning for gold nuggets of information in a raging river of confusion and misinformation.

Believe me, I get this…

My name is Mache Seibel, MD, a member of the Harvard Medical facultybestselling author, and award-winning musician.

When my wife Sharon had surgery that threw her into early menopause, her doctors were reluctant to prescribe her hormones. This happened only months after a HUGE study incorrectly reported that hormones cause breast cancer and more. With or without hormones, no one discussed with her how to take care of the SUM of Sharon, not just SOME of Sharon.

I had to figure it out so she wouldn’t have to tough it out.

After speaking to hundreds of women and doctors around the country during my national book tour, I realize most women are not getting accurate health informationabout midlife.

And that’s risky business. It causes the body to age faster and increases the risk for chronic illnesses.

My 5-step holistic approach to women’s health will give your audience a fresh perspective so they can make informed decisions for their body, mind and spirit.

I always feel funny saying this – but I am one of the best in the world at taking this confusing and complicated information and making it easy for the average person to understand and take action. The magic is sprinkling in a spoonful of humor and music to help the medicine go down.

“Music makes people more receptive to learning and helps increase retention. Dr. Mache’s HealthRock ® is a uniquely brilliant format for sharing health messages.”
Mehmet Oz, MD

That’s why I’m excited to make a HouseCall ® to your event. I know your audience will appreciate my message and get out of their chairs to take action.

I’d love to have a phone call with you this week, so please set up a time to talk with me at your convenience. I can’t wait to help you succeed at your next event!

Dr. Seibel really impressed me and he was extremely entertaining. If you get a chance to experience this man, please do it because you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge.
Shamonda (Audience and VP Bank America)

Please request my Speaker Kit. I’ll be happy to follow up soon with more information on how we can partner together to bring value and solve a huge pain point for so many women in your audience.


  • Menopause
  • Perimenopause
  • BRCA and Early Menopause
  • Hormones and Hormone Alternatives
  • Sexual Health and Intimacy
  • Sleep
  • Health and Wellness
  • Diabetes and Menopause
  • Weight Control and Menopause
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Successful Aging
  • Holistic Health and Wellness


(partial list)


(partial list)



Doctor Mache offers interactive workshops that are tailored to meet your needs. We identify your desired outcomes, then customize a proposal for a program designed to achieve those results. To further your learning experience, books, CDs and other related educational materials are available at reduced rates. Below are examples of our most frequently requested topics.

Menopause 101 – How to “figure it out” so you Don’t have to “tough it out”

  • Defining Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Understanding The Symptoms
  • Menopause Changes that Drive Women Crazy
  • Menopause Changes that Put Women at Risk
  • How You Can Change and Manage the Risks and Symptoms of Menopause
  • Overview of Treatment Options

Hormone Treatment – Educate to Advocate

  • How lower hormone values affect your mind and body
  • The Women’s Health Initiative and why it was wrong
  • Is Hormone Therapy Right For You
  • The truth about bio-identical hormones
  • Non-Hormonal Treatments to Manage Symptoms

Menopause and Sleep – From ZZZZs to Disease

  • How Big is the Problem and What are the Causes
  • The Relationship of Sleep to Disease
  • 7 Healthy Habits of Women Who Sleep Well
  • Tips and Techniques for Improved Sleep
  • Medical Treatments of Sleep Disorders
  • Non-Prescription Treatments

Menopause and Weight Control

  • How Menopause Affects Your Weight
  • What’s in Your Lunch Bag?
  • Foods that Help, Foods that Hurt
  • The Role of Hormones on Weight
  • Your Weight Loss Program – Getting Started