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Can Estrogen Fix Your Belly Fat and Control Your Weight?

Do you have love handles? Muffin top? Spare tire? Menopot? Jelly belly? The list of disparaging terms women use for the belly fat from menopause goes on and on. As they stare into the mirror at their once-svelte bodies and try to zip up a favorite pair of pants, they wonder what is going on. …


Changes in Weight and Metabolism

Older adults aren’t aged versions of younger adults any more than children are younger versions of adults. Each stage of life functions slightly differently with different strengths and weaknesses. Menopause and aging in general is associated with changes in both our genes and in our metabolism. In fact, you don’t have to be that old. …


Type 2 Diabetes More Common in Fast Eaters

Are you a person who wolfs down your food? If so, it’s time to slow down. A new study presented at the International Congress of Endocrinology and European Congress of Endocrinology shows that people who eat fast are 2.5-times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, compared with slower eaters. There are clearly more factors involved than …


Too Fat and Too Thin Shorten Your Life – Get a Free Song

A new study confirms once again that our weight has a lot to do with our health. Not only can obesity shorten your life, but being too thin can, too. Optimum health comes when we keep our weight in a safe middle range. Doctors determine too fat and too thin by a math formula called Body …