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My Birthday – A Poem About Viewing The Passage of Time in a Different Way

Yesterday was my birthday. Maybe on your last birthday, you were thinking about how quickly life passes and what you could do to slow down the pace. I was doing that, too, which made me think about changing my perspective on time and how I spend it. I hope you enjoy it. My Birthday I …


Menopause in the Workplace Free Webinar

Improve your work environment for the one-fourth of the workforce who are dealing with menopause symptoms and improve worker retention, productivity, and presence at work. Join NMF’s Founder & President, Claire Gill, and NMF Medical Advisory Committee member, Mache Seibel, MD, Editor, The Hot Years Magazine, along with Alicia A. Grandey, PhD, Pennsylvania State University …


Does the Coronavirus Vaccination Affect Periods, Postmenopausal Bleeding or Fertility?

Over 12 billion people have safely taken the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine First the facts! There have been more than 12.2 billion doses of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination given across 184 countries. That’s roughly 10.6 million doses a day. US citizens have been given almost 600 million doses so far, which is a daily average rate of 96,733 dosages.   …


Happy BD2Me

I’ve orbited the sun once more Rotated its axis times 365 Had some good times and some bad But I’m healthy and alive   Had some losses and some gains Had some pleasures and some pains Explored, expanded, learned a lot Grateful for some things I forgot   Zoomed the world through my computer  Had …


Strength from Within – Remembering 911

Twenty years ago when the World Trade Centers crumpled under the heat of thousands of gallons of burning jet fuel, it seemed like the world itself was tumbling down. Because everyone I knew was just as affected, what comfort there was often had to be found from within and from heaven above. Why Lord? Why? …


Music Monday: Lullaby for Flute and Piano – Relaxing ambient music

There is a lot going on right now – Covid, economy, election! So it seemed the best choice for a Music Monday was a few minutes of relaxation. This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written. Piano by Ben Schwendener, flute by Ewe Steinmetz. It’s called Lullaby for Flute and Piano. it’s from …


Musical Monday – Remember the Fallen: A Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day is a chance for us all to pay homage to those who died in defense of our country.  But this year has added another layer to Memorial Day. In addition to the thousands of troops that have died in service to our country, in the last few months roughly 100,000 Americans have died …


Musical Monday – Hindsight versus Foresight

Isn’t it amazing how being stuck in social isolation can make you feel like you aren’t getting anything done. It’s easy to feel that way. People sometimes don’t stop to appreciate that just by keeping social distancing, washing their hands and wearing a face mask, they’re actually accomplishing a lot, for themselves and for society. …


Life is a Detour: Where is Gravity Pulling You?

Yogi Berra once said, “If you’re not sure where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”   Click Here to listen to the musical version narrated here: It’s been said, “life is a journey.” And in a perfect world we’d know just where our journey was taking us, and our path would be direct, non-stop, and …


Estrogen Cream, Patches and Pellets: What You Need To Know

Are you currently using topical estrogen, or thinking of using a topical estrogen cream, patch or pellets? These forms of estrogen are becoming more commonly used and something I’m often asked about by my patients and by women whose doctors are less familiar with menopause treatments and who work with me from a distance at …

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