New Webinar on Menopause in the Worplace

Thank you to all who joined us for “The Impact of Menopause on Women at Work: A Guide Conversation” to hear about the challenges that women experiencing menopause symptoms face in the workplace and learn some of the strategies that employers can implement to improve workplace environments for midlife women. Our panelists were Claire Gill …


Everything You Need to Know About Menopause In One Guidebook

Wish you knew more about menopause? What to expect? What is normal and what is not? How you’ll change? Latest and most effective treatments?   You can get all that and more all in one place with the latest edition of The Hot Years Menopause Guidebook.  And the best part is…During Menopause Awareness Month you …


New Menopause GuideBook in Honor of Menopause Awareness Month

In honor of Menopause Awareness Month I’m releasing the 4th edition of The Hot Years Menopause Guidebook.  It’s written to help smart women turn change into opportunity.   The Hot Years Menopause Guidebook 4th Edition explains how to prepare for perimenopause and menopause, and how to test for and treat it in a holistic and …