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Healthy Halloween Song

Halloween is one of the most popular American holidays. It’s a lot of fun. But there is a downside. Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy each year for Halloween. Equivalent to the weight of 6 Titanic ships. And the average American consumes 3.4 pounds of candy over Halloween. For that reason, I wrote a fun …


My Old Man: Original Father’s Day Song

I wrote this song a few years ago as a tribute to my dad. As the holiday is closing out, I wanted to share this song. It’s called My Old Man. Hope you enjoy it! ©Mache Seibel


Remember the Fallen: A Music Video Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day is much more than the holiday that finally kicks off summer. It’s a reminder to honor those who have died in service to their country. It is America’s most solemn holiday. I wrote the music for this Memorial Day tribute several years ago and turned it into a musical video tribute to the …


My Old Man: Original Father’s Day Song

Happy Father’s Day! Every year at this time I think of my Dad. After he passed, I wrote this tribute to him. I hope you enjoy it! It’s called My Old Man. You can find more of my music at https://healthrock.bandcamp.com/music


Music Monday: California Nights – Relaxing Music

If you’re taking a few minutes break and would like some easy listening music to enjoy that time even more, Click Here to listen to California Nights. Music by Mache Seibel. The musicians performing it are Ben Schwendener on piano, Ewe Steinmetz on flute, Bridget Kearney on bass and Michael Calabrese on Drums. To hear …


Music Monday: Ecstasy – An Afro-Caribbean Instrumental

For this Music Monday, I’d like to share an instrumental with a lot of movement.   It’s an Afro-Caribbean beat that is on my Moods CD. It has a great beat.   I hope you like it!   Music by Mache Seibel, piano performed by Ben Schwendener, Bridget Kearney on Bass, Mike Calabrese on drums. …


Music Monday: Memorial Day Tribute – Remember the Fallen Music Video

What is Memorial Day? Memorial Day is a day for honoring and paying respects to the men and women who have died while on duty with the US military.   My dad was a marine for 5 years during WWII. He always had the highest regard for the men and women in the service who …


Music Monday: Warm Breeze – In Honor of Spring

It’s been a long winter. But now you can take a slow, deep breath. It’s Spring.   There is a warm breeze; the sun is shining; the crocus and grape hyacinth are blooming; the daffodils are protruding their leaves, drinking in the sunshine.   The snow and cold are now past and the warmth of …


Music Monday – Love is Blind, Original Love Song

Today’s Music Monday is a love song. It’s one I wrote a few years ago for a musical and it’s called Love is Blind. It’s a somewhat moody love song about feeling love with all the senses. Here are the lyrics for Love is Blind: Love is blind It hides within recesses of our minds …


Remember the Fallen – Special Memorial Day Musical Tribute by Dr. Mache Seibel

Remember The Fallen © Mache Seibel, MD All rights reserved. It’s Memorial Day. And that means a fun and happy holiday that kicks off summer. It’s all about the barbecue, beaches and being with friends and family. While it is all of that, it’s much more. Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday of May, …

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