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Ready to Give Weight Loss A Shot?

Are you trying to lose weight and thinking it seems impossible?   Do you lose weight only to find it again in just a short window of time so your weight feels like a yo-yo; up and down, up and down?   You are definitely not alone! Weight loss is not only a major issue …


Endometrial Cancer: The Fat’s Where it’s At!

One of the most common concerns of menopause is weight gain. Dresses become a size, or two, too small. The average size of the American woman now falls between a 16 and an 18, the lower end of plus sizes.     But there is a much more worrisome concern about weight gain than dress size…and …


Healthy Halloween – A Fun Halloween Song

It’s Halloween and tonight spooks and goblins will ring our doorbells in hopes of massive stashes of sugar loads that are really unhealthy and will last for weeks to come. Wouldn’t it be great if the focus was just on having a good time, dressing up and engaging in fun activities, and have the “treat” …


Burgers are Expensive – To You & The Planet

The average American eats three hamburgers per week. In this very interesting video, the true cost of eating burgers to you and the planet is calculated. The results are eye opening. http://bit.ly/QOgSoQ


1 in 6 Americans are Hungry

1 in 6 Americans don’t have enough to eat. Doctor Mache explains the health issues associated with too little food and the impact it has on healthcare and the finances of the United States. Filmed at a Feeding America and Connecticut Food Bank event in Washington Depot Connecticut.


Obesity and our Genes

Today a new study came out linking obesity to our genes http://www.businessweek.com/lifestyle/content/healthday/644136.html. It’s interesting findings and may contribute to the explosion of obesity we are seeing in the US and now world wide. But it’s hard to see how 2% of people with all these genetic mutation can cause two thirds of the country to be …


Too Fat and Too Thin Shorten Your Life – Get a Free Song

A new study confirms once again that our weight has a lot to do with our health. Not only can obesity shorten your life, but being too thin can, too. Optimum health comes when we keep our weight in a safe middle range. Doctors determine too fat and too thin by a math formula called Body …