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Lunch NYC Series Nominated for NY Emmy

Below is a press release about a wonderful health educational series I had the priviledge of being part of – Lunch NYC. As host for one segment and provider/performer of HealthRock songs in 8 others, I’m proud to have been a part of this great series on NY television. Click below to see one of …


Overweight men with diabetes who lose weight gain erections and libido

Overweight men often have health problems. But now overweight men with type 2 diabetes have another reason to lose weight – it improves erectile dysfunction. A study from Singapore published over the past few months in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that losing 5% to 10% of weight (for a 200 pound man that’s …


Mammogram Song and Video

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every women should be sure she is up to date on her breast exam and her mammogram. A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray exam of the breasts that can find abnormal changes in breast tissue that cannot be felt during a breast exam. It is used for women …


Too Fat and Too Thin Shorten Your Life – Get a Free Song

A new study confirms once again that our weight has a lot to do with our health. Not only can obesity shorten your life, but being too thin can, too. Optimum health comes when we keep our weight in a safe middle range. Doctors determine too fat and too thin by a math formula called Body …