Egg Cells Still Develop in Menopause


A new study in Nature Medicine further proved the initial work of Jonathan Tilly of Mass General Hospital that the initial number of eggs a woman is born with do not run out, but rather continue to be produced as the woman ages.

The impact of this article is that as new research develops, it may be possible to harvest stem cell eggs from younger women and store them easier or grow them in a test tube so that as women age or as women are treated with strong chemicals to treat cancer and other medical problems, their eggs will not be lost.

This is still a fairly long way from being used to treat women. But this continued effort that has spanned over nearly a decade of work in mice has now gotten enough scientific proof to believe it is possible to do in humans and to begin the scientific journey to helping women in perimenopause or menopause, or who have lost their ovary function due to medical treatments, have children with their own eggs in appropriate clinical situations.

It will be an interesting next few years. Find more information at

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