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Older Fathers Increase Child's Autism Risk

While older moms are usually the cause of genetic diseases in their children such as Down’s Syndrome, a new study in the journal Nature suggests that it is older fathers responsible for the rise in autism. The study was done in Iceland in 78 families who had a diagnosis of autism or schizophrenia. The sequences of …


Infertility: The Child Who Might Have Been

National Infertility Awareness Week begins today. It’s been 30 years since I performed the first in-vitro fertilization in Massachusetts, one of the first in the country. I wrote this poem then as a tribute to infertility patients and the invisible loss they experience.   Infertility: The Child Who Might Have Been   The simple union of …


Having A Baby After 40

I’m often asked by women over the age of 40 my opinion on having a baby. Clearly it’s a personal decision by a woman and her partner. But I have gained a lot of wisdom and experience in this area, so here is my personal position statement on later motherhood that I would like to …