Solar Eclipse and Bone Health

Solar Eclipse and Bone Health

Wasn’t the solar eclipse amazing?

Once in our lifetime the USA could see the moon came between the earth and the sun…

and slowly the sun (or part of it depending on where you stood) disappeared.

You might not have known about the solar eclipse if it weren’t for the news. And you learned that if you looked directly at the sun without special glasses, your eyes could be permanent damage.

What’s that got to do with bone health?

In the years after menopause a lot of your bone mass disappears. Women lose up to 50% of the calcium in their bones over their lifetime; about half is lost during the first 10 years after menopause. Even more if you go though early menopause…

…if you’re not taking estrogen.

But if you begin taking estrogen within the first three years of the start of menopause, you can regain all your lost bone. It returns just like the sun after a solar eclipse.

Why? There’s a special estrogen window of opportunity that I discuss in The Estrogen Fix, an updated paperback version of my #1 best selling book coming out September 19.

And like the solar eclipse, bone loss often isn’t something that people think about. But it can cause permanent damage by increasing your risk of breaking your hip, or other bones, or cause your backbone to hump over with age due to compression of your backbones.

There are secret estrogen windows of opportunity that prevent many of the symptoms of menopause and aging. Find them all out in The Estrogen Fix.   Preorder your copy before September 19 and get nine valuable free gifts as my personal thank you.

Your body will thank you too!

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Yours in good health,

Dr. Mache

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