Dr. Mache Gives Guest Speaker Lecture at Stanford

Today I was guest speaker at the Stanford University Department of Ob/Gyn on the subject of How To Reach, Teach and Motivate Patients in 2012. My goal was to teach doctors and medical students new ways to explain health information. Here’s what one of the Stanford medical students had to say about the need for …


Music And Alzheimer's Disease

I’ve noticed for a long time that patients with Alzheimer’s Disease seldom forget the music they love most, even though the memories of loved ones and major memories slip away. It’s also known that music is used to remember the alphabet and the state capitals. Now a new study from MIT on a new software …


Infertility: The Child Who Might Have Been

National Infertility Awareness Week begins today. It’s been 30 years since I performed the first in-vitro fertilization in Massachusetts, one of the first in the country. I wrote this poem then as a tribute to infertility patients and the invisible loss they experience.   Infertility: The Child Who Might Have Been   The simple union of …


Colonoscopy Song on Huff Post

Please see my new blog on the Huffington Post. It’s about how a song can save your life.


Stress & Sleep by Dr. Mache Top Huffington Post

It’s daylight savings and sleep can be a real issue for many people. Learn how stress and sleep are connected. To help with the problem, I created a music video to help people relax. I was really excited that my post was the featured blog today on the Huffington Post Healthy Living section. I hope …


Physician Musician Helps Women Stay Well

I was recently interviewed by a website that asks different professional what they do for a living in order to help kids in high school pick a career. It’s called JobShadow. We talked about combining being a health expert and a professional musician and music composer and how health songs can help women in and …


Lunch NYC Series Nominated for NY Emmy

Below is a press release about a wonderful health educational series I had the priviledge of being part of – Lunch NYC. As host for one segment and provider/performer of HealthRock songs in 8 others, I’m proud to have been a part of this great series on NY television. Click below to see one of …


Seven Sleep Tips To Improve Sleep in Perimenopause

Is getting enough sleep keeping you up at night? If so, here are seven sleep tips the Sandman approved. Sometimes simple lifestyle strategies and relaxing music go a long way to improving minor sleep disturbances, especially for women as they enter perimenopause and transition into menopause: Light sleepers do best avoiding heavy meals and large …


One Doctor's Quest to Change Medicine Through Song

Great article by Carey Goldberg on CommonHealth about using music to change our relationship with patients and our approach to healthcare. It’s all part of a triple aim put forward by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to provide better health, better health care and lower cost. http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2012/02/singing-doctor-mache-seibel/#more-18684


HealthRock Songs Help Engage Docs and Patients

Today I gave Grand Rounds at Mass General Hospital to a group of Ob/Gyn doctors. I spoke about the need for the medical community to interact more with patients, engage them and change the way we have been doing things to create a community of caring. I’ll be talking more about that in future posts, …

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