Music And Alzheimer's Disease


I’ve noticed for a long time that patients with Alzheimer’s Disease seldom forget the music they love most, even though the memories of loved ones and major memories slip away. It’s also known that music is used to remember the alphabet and the state capitals.

Now a new study from MIT on a new software they have created shows promise for diagnosing the disease early and even for early Alzheimer’s treatment – and it involves music .

For the diagnosis, the team composes songs and then asks the patient to concentrate on recalling sections of the melody and other kinds of memory tasks.

the results allow the researchers to analyze whether or not there is a memory issue. The MIT group is now doing clinical trials and hopes to have a version available for the public sometime in 2013. Early diagnosis is the only way to have a chance for effective treatment.

The power of music is a great diagnostic, teaching and relaxation tool. It’s why I created HealthRock. Click here for a free relaxing song. Then take some slow, deep breaths while you listen lower your stress.



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