Dr. Mache Gives Guest Speaker Lecture at Stanford


Today I was guest speaker at the Stanford University Department of Ob/Gyn on the subject of How To Reach, Teach and Motivate Patients in 2012. My goal was to teach doctors and medical students new ways to explain health information.

Here’s what one of the Stanford medical students had to say about the need for more ways to teach patients to stay well:

“I am a 4th year medical student at Stanford who is on my ob-gyn rotation. I just wanted to say thank you for your talk! I was really inspired by it. I actually was originally a musician, got my B.A. in Music: Vocal Performance in 2003 from UCSD, and 6 years later found my way to medical school through working in public health. I’m applying into family medicine this year because I’m very passionate about the ideas you were sharing in your talk, such as new and innovative ways to change behavior to influence lifestyle diseases. Your talk really made me think of trying to find innovative ways to do that. Thank you so much again!”

To learn more about health communications and Dr. Mache as a guest speaker visit DoctorSeibel.com.


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