Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You? New Book, The Estrogen Fix,Explains

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You? New Book, The Estrogen Fix,Explains

In 2002 a study was published that changed my life and my career. The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study was published to prove the benefits of estrogen. But the headlines were very different when that study was published …


“Medical community shocked!” “Estrogen increases risk of breast cancer!” “Women are angry and feel duped by the medical community!”


Fear was palpable and the phones in my office rang off the hook with women looking for an answer to how could be, and should they stop taking their hormones.


That question got much more personal for me just a few months later when my wife Sharon had surgery that threw her into early menopause…


And her doctors were reluctant to treat her!


At the time I was one of the nation’s top infertility experts and a pioneer in In-vitro Fertilization.


But I had a real need to know everything about hormones. So as I tell my patients, I switched from “sperm to term,” to “womb to tomb” and began to focus all of my attention on menopause and hormone therapy.


I had to figure it out so Sharon wouldn’t have to tough it out!


What I found still amazes me…


The truth about hormones is so lost in the fine print and in studies published in journals from many areas of medicine, that both doctors and the women they serve are confused; and still are.


As recently as one year ago, a study from the New England Journal of Medicine found that there are 80% fewer women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) today than in 2002.


What do you think that does to the doctors who are in training? For the past 15 years it has given doctors 80% less experience treating menopause and using hormones.


I wanted to change all that, and it wasn’t easy.


First I read decades worth of papers on HRT. Then I called up and spoke with most of the authors who wrote those papers from all over the world. Then I spent several years synthesizing those papers and interviews into a book.


It’s called The Estrogen Fix.


And here’s what I found in a nutshell.


That 2002 WHI study got it wrong! They compared mostly women ages 50 to 59 who were not taking hormones with women mostly 60 to 79 who were taking hormones.


And many of the women taking hormones had diabetes, were overweight, and had high blood pressure…all risk factors for chronic diseases such as heart disease.


And here’s what is amazing…


Most of those findings from the 2002 WHI study disappeared when estrogen was begun in a special time frame closest to menopause beginning. It’s a time frame I call the Estrogen Window.


But it even gets more interesting


Depending on the type of estrogen, the dosage, how long you take it, what other hormones you take and several other factors that you can control, your risk of disease, including breast cancer and heart disease, your performance at work, your sex life, your weight, your mood, your sleep, your skin, your bones and more can stay younger and you can feel and perform better.


Are bioidentical hormones better? What drug stores carry them – you may be surprised! What about alternatives to estrogen in case you can’t or won’t take HRT?


New Book on Hormone Replacement Therapy – The Estrogen Fix

It’s all in The Estrogen Fix and you can read all about it and know as much as most of the best-informed doctors in the world. In fact, the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has recommended this book for both patients and doctors.


Get your copy today by clicking here. And when you do, you’ll also instantly get access to NINE FREE GIFTS as a thank you.


And the biggest gift of all will be that all of a sudden, you will move from confusion to clarity, from fear to confidence, from depending on the knowledge of your healthcare provider to becoming a partner in your healthcare.


Click here and get your Estrogen Fix now.


Yours in good health,


Dr. Mache

Mache Seibel, MD

Member of Harvard Medical Faculty

Author of The Estrogen Fix

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