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Radiation Causes Fatigue That Gets Better With Time

There is good news for women who have early stage breast cancer and require treatment with radiation. Although fatigue is a common experience, only about 6% of women treated suffer from fatigue 1 year later. A new study of 218 Australian women with early stage breast cancer treated with either adjuvant radiation, chemotherapy, or both, can …


Sleep Attacks, Narcolepsy & Menopause

If you feel you’re having a “sleep attack,” it could be narcolepsy. It isn’t caused by anxiety or a mental illness; it’s a nervous system disorder that happens to 1 in 3,000 Americans. Narcolepsy is caused by lower brain levels of a protein called hypocretin. The cause is unknown, but it does tend to run …


Seven Sleep Tips To Improve Sleep in Perimenopause

Is getting enough sleep keeping you up at night? If so, here are seven sleep tips the Sandman approved. Sometimes simple lifestyle strategies and relaxing music go a long way to improving minor sleep disturbances, especially for women as they enter perimenopause and transition into menopause: Light sleepers do best avoiding heavy meals and large …


Dr. Mache Joins Huffington Post

I’m delighted to tell you that I’ve been asked to blog for the Huffington Post. My first blog post was just featured and received a lot of attention. I think you’ll find it interesting. Click here to read it.


Rape: What Every Woman, And Man, Should Know

Rape is a topic most victims avoid. So much so you’d think it doesn’t happen. Perpetrators uniformly deny it so it seems no one would ever do it. But it happens often, victims suffer deep scars, and perpetrators typically get off without a scratch (see below). A new law is the beginning of that changing. …


10 Stress Tips To Reduce Stress

The holidays are wonderful; and wonderfully stressful. Families get together and reconnect, and sometimes things get a bit stressful. With all the food and stress around, it’s no small wonder that many people have a tendency to eat….and eat. And often it’s not the best food choices. But there are some things you can do …


New Christmas Song For Military – Daddy's Coming Home

Click image below to hear song. Scroll down for words to song. Daddy’s Coming Home For Christmas November 1, President Obama signed a Presidential Proclamation making November Military Family Month. This Christmas season many of our troops will be coming home. I wrote this new Christmas song for them, for the soldiers coming home, for …


Music To Treat High Blood Pressure & Causes of Stess

There are some songs that just make me stop, listen and relax. Ever happen to you? More and more studies are proving it’s more than coincidence. Music is being used to lower blood pressure, and reduce pain and stress symptoms among other things. Reports indicate that up to 85% of primary care visits are attributed …


Blogging to relieve your stress

You may wonder how blogging can reduce your stress. I did too. But imagine thinking about something and getting it out of your thoughts and into the open where you can “get it off your chest” and at the same time see if it can help others and if others are thinking it too. Blogging …

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