New Christmas Song For Military – Daddy's Coming Home


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Daddy’s Coming Home For Christmas

November 1, President Obama signed a Presidential Proclamation making November Military Family Month. This Christmas season many of our troops will be coming home. I wrote this new Christmas song for them, for the soldiers coming home, for all they do for our country and for the sacrifices both they and their military families make.

According to an article in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, July 4, 2011, nearly 44% of active duty members of the military have a total of almost 1.2 million children. About three quarters of the kids are 11 years of age or younger and 42% of the kids are 5 years or younger.

In a later blog I’ll talk about the many ways that war and separation contribute to stress. For now, enjoy this song about a soldier coming home. Thank you and Merry Christmas and happy, healthy holidays.

Daddy’s really coming home for Christmas

Mommy said he’s coming home to stay

Santa found a way

To fit him in his sleigh

The greatest gift that I could ever have on Christmas day

Oh, Santa


Daddy’s coming home for Christmas

I hung [up] his stocking next to mine

Then my mom and me

Hung ribbons on the tree

Every yellow one that we could find


Daddy’s really coming home for Christmas

I can’t wait till he’s back home again

He’ll tuck me in at night

And I can hug him tight

And we can be together as a family again


Daddy’s coming home for Christmas

I am just as excited as can be

And everywhere we go

Everyone will know

Daddy’s back at home with mom and me

I can’t wait to see you daddy

Daddy’s really coming home to me


Merry Christmas

Thank you Santa

Machelle M. Seibel (ASCAP)

© 2011, All rights reserved



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