5 Simple Tips to Stay Well


With all of the available diet fads and exercise programs to stay well, there is sometimes too much information for people to consume. With too many options, people are left feeling confused, and end up not doing anything! That is why I wanted to share 5 simple tips that you can incorporate in your life today to keep you well.

1. Drink ONE less soda per day. Do you really need that soda or are you just thirsty? Eighty percent of your body is made out of water and we need about 8 glasses of water per day. Soda causes us to lose water. Sodas have a lot of other bad effects on the body too. Drinking just 1 soda per day over a period of 20 years will increase the risk of a heart attack by 20 percent. Over the course of 20 years, drinking 2 sodas per day will increase the risk of a heart attack by 42 percent. Three sodas per day over the course of 20 years will increase the risk of a heart attack by 69 percent. Think of those statistics the next time you are craving a soda, and make the smarter choice by reaching for a glass of water instead.

2. Add ONE fruit or vegetable to your diet every day. Instead of snacking on sugary desserts and candies, prepare fruit and vegetables for easy, healthy snacking. Incorporating five fruits or vegetables a day can reduce your risk of cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Another great snack alternative is walnuts. Try one handful of walnuts a couple times a day for a snack packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Move. How many of you sit all day and don’t get sufficient exercise? Incorporating a few simple movements throughout the day can significantly reduce your risk of obesity. Try walking around every time you talk on the phone. When going to the store, don’t look for the closest parking spot from the door. Try parking in the back and walking the extra feet to get your muscles moving. Exercise is cumulative; do little exercises through out your day, and before you know it you’ve added 30 minutes into your daily routine without having to change your lifestyle significantly.

4. Find your quiet place. With so much stimulation in our every day lives, it is necessary to take a break, block out all of the noise, and sit in silence. Find a place for quiet, get comfortable, and close your eyes. With your hands in your lap, breathe in deeply through your nose and hold it for a count of three and then exhale deeply. I recommend doing this exercise for a minute or two, each day. Add more time each week and eventually you will enter a meditative state. This activity will begin to lower your anxiety, your depression, and your risk for heart disease.

5. Get More Sleep. We’re in an epidemic of sleep deprivation. There are about 100,000 accidents a year due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Of those 100,000 accidents, about 40,000 people get hurt and about 5,000 people die. About 44 percent of people surveyed said that in the past year they dosed off at least once. When you don’t get enough sleep, it also causes you to increase your appetite, gain weight, to increase your risk of heart disease, and increase your blood pressure. Before you go to sleep, try to do something calming about two hours beforehand such as listening to calming music, take a bath, or read a relaxing book.

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