My Odometer

Monday I hit a milestone birthday. I sat down and wrote this poem put to music played by Ben Schwendener. Listen to the narration over the music. It will add to the flavor. Hope you enjoy it and if you, please comment below.



My odometer turned again

One more revolution

With multiple conclusions

One more day, one more week, one more month, one more year….

One more decade

Requiring more inspection, reflection, more protection

Less time ahead, more time today

More thoughtful ‘bout what I do and say


More mood changing, activities rearranging, some friends closer, some estranging

Pants still fit alright, losing weight is a fight

Redefining purpose, life is a circus 

No Ringmaster to guide me, looking for answers inside me

Running slower, seeing more 

Future’s less a revolution, old problems reaching new conclusions

Trying things I never did,

Revealing thoughts that I kept hid


No warranty or guarantees, some fear facing uncertainties

Choose friends wisely, that don’t disguise me

Eyes less good, see much better

Still a go getter

One more odometer revolution

With multiple conclusions

Happiness has the best impact

Time to think, then time to act


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