Music Monday: Warm Breeze – In Honor of Spring

Music Monday: Warm Breeze – In Honor of Spring

It’s been a long winter. But now you can take a slow, deep breath. It’s Spring.


There is a warm breeze; the sun is shining; the crocus and grape hyacinth are blooming; the daffodils are protruding their leaves, drinking in the sunshine.


The snow and cold are now past and the warmth of Spring is here and the joy of Summer lies ahead.

It’s a wonderful time of the year.


And to celebrate the start of Spring I’m sharing an instrumental selection called Warm Breeze.

It’s music I’ve written performed by Ben Schwendener on piano, Uwe Steinmetz on alto sax, Bridget Kearney on Bass and Mike Calabrese on drums.

You might know Bridget and Mike now in their current role as members of the increasingly popular Indie band, Lake Street Dive.


Sit in the sun, pour a drink you to suit you, and enjoy a Warm Breeze. It’s from my Moods album and available along with my other music at


Yours in good health,


Dr. Mache

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