Music Monday: The Potty Train

Music Monday: The Potty Train

I was giving a lecture on music and medicine at Babson College school of entrepreneurship several years ago, when one of the lawyers there asked me a personal question…


“Do you have a song on potty training? I’ve tried everything with my kid and nothing is working! I’d be really interested in a song on that.


It turns out I didn’t; but it didn’t take me long to come up with what I saw as a real solution…The Potty Train.


It’s fun messaging that kids of a certain age love. And parents have been telling me they love it too because it really works. Now that I have a grandson, I’m seeing The Potty Train through a whole new lens.


So come aboard….and take a seat… on The Potty Train! CLICK HERE to Listen.  Music, lyrics and vocals by Mache Seibel; Ben Schwendener on piano; Bridget Kearney on bass and Mike Calabrese on drums.


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