Music Monday – Depression Song – Treat it So You can Beat It!

Music Monday – Depression Song – Treat it So You can Beat It!

How are you doing emotionally?


If you’re not sure or not too well, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to spend a quiet moment to take stock of how you’re doing emotionally.


A survey published in JAMA shows a more than 3-fold higher prevalence of depression among US adults during the Covid-19 pandemic than before, and we should probably expect it to increase even further.


There are several types of depression and depression can happen at any age.  Some people think it is a sign of weakness and they should just shrug it off.  But that’s not the case.


Depression isn’t weakness; it is a medical illness and it should be treated.


We all get down here and there, and nearly everyone has the blues along the way. That’s not what I’m talking about.


If you have the blues more than two weeks and it’s making you feel black and blue, and really beating you up and you can’t shake it, can’t sleep, can’t get up for school or work, change in appetite, can’t concentrate, have feelings of worthlessness, especially if you’re thinking of hurting yourself – No matter what, see your doctor and treat it so you can beat it!


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