Adam and Your Atoms – An Original HealthRock Podcast about Health and Happiness

Adam and Your Atoms – An Original HealthRock Podcast about Health and Happiness

Everybody wants health and happiness. But ever since Adam took a bite of the apple we’ve known we’re not going to live forever.

Click Here to listen to Dr. Mache narrate this over a bed of his original music played by Ben Schwendener.

But that doesn’t mean we have no control over the quantity and quality of our lives or achieve health and happiness. It’s true no matter what we do we’re not going to live forever. But we can extend our lives by years or maybe decades if we live healthy lives. As comedian George Burns said when he turned 100, “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”


The real magic is in the quality of life people can achieve. It would be nice if there were a silver bullet; something to take that would make life longer and better. Unfortunately, the only bullet is the reality of having to bite the bullet; change the fundamental habits by which we live. Lower stress, increase sleep, eat healthy, and exercise. Four steps on the ladder of life that take you to the next level.


Adam got it almost right. After a good night’s sleep with Eve, he woke up relaxed, put on his fig leaf, walked over to the tree of knowledge, stretched and climbed and got an apple, and ate a piece of fruit. Right idea. Wrong tree.

You can live a longer and healthier life. Your atoms can benefit a lot from Adam.

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