Eat Your Way out of Hot Flashes – Soy and Flaxseed – My Menopause – My Way

Okay!  Here are the two “foods” you can add to your diet that may affect hot flashes.  These are easily found and may be just the trick if you’re suffering with too much heat due to menopause or peri-menopause.  Remember that it’s important to mention these to your doctor or medical team – even something …


Why Condoms Are Prolife

Boston College in Newton, Massachusetts recently send students distributing condoms out of their dorms a warning that they might face disciplinary actions. These students were part of an unofficial student group called BC Students for Sexual Health. These students send out information on male and female condoms, lubricants and pamphlets without cost so students could …


Breast Cancer and Risk of Radiation on Your Heart

A new article in the New England Journal of Medicine that came out today showed that women who receive radiotherapy for breast cancer have a higher risk of ischemic heart disease. The authors studied 2168 women who had radiotherapy for breast cancer between 1958 and 2001 in Sweden and Denmark. Within 5 years of receiving …


A Sad Day for Hot Flash Sufferers – FDA Fails Two Hot Flash Medicines

Monday the FDA failed to approve two new medications for hot flashes. The Advisers for the FDA felt the benefits did not sufficiently outweigh the risks. The first medication was for a drug made by Depomed Inc, which failed 12 to 2. The panel also voted 10-4 against approving a drug for hot flashes made by Hisamitsu …


New Drug For Painful Sex

Tuesday February 26th the FDA approved a new drug for painful sex. It’s called Osphena and it is a selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERM. This medication is similar to other medications iof this type such as Tamoxifen and Raloxifene. SERMs activate some tissues that are sensitive to estrogen such as in this case, the …


Early Surgical Menopause Causes Loss of Memory and Thinking

A new study found that women who had their ovaries removed by surgery before they were in menopause had an increased loss of both thinking and memory loss. Taking estrogen afterward slowed down the rate of loss. The study included 1837 women who were at least 53 years of age. The one third of the …


Vitamin D Prevents Heart Disease in Menopause

Your always hearing people talking about vitamins. The term comes from the words vital and amines – vitamins. These are substances that your body needs to live and be healthy. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that your body can make; the other vitamins must be either eaten with foods or taken as a supplement. …


Menopause and Your Mental Health

In honor of September is Menopause Awareness Month, today’s blog is on Menopause and Your Mental Health. I’m sure you know women who reach menopause and tip into a mental mess. Estrogen usually gets the blame; levels drop in the years leading up to menopause – the perimenopause – and those lower levels of estrogen …


Continuous vs Intermittent Diet in Menopause

If you’re in menopause and overweight, would it matter if you diet continuously versus some of the time? What if you tried to loose weight for 5 weeks and then you took a break for 5 weeks and just tried not to gain weight for the next 5 weeks. A new study just published in …


Food and Your Memory in Menopause

Can you change how well your brain works during menopause by what you eat? A new study says yes – at least a little. African Americans, white, Chinese and Japanese women were followed during menopause and their diet was recorded as well as tests of their brain function called cognitive testing. In this report, the researchers …

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