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How to Escape Hot Flash Hell

Are hot flashes waking you up at night? Are they embarrassing you at work in front of coworkers? Do they cause you anxiety, distress or loss of focus? You are not alone! Hot flashes are the second most common symptom of menopause (after irregular bleeding). They are caused when your body wants to let off …


Angelina Jolie, Menopause, Estrogen and Breast Cancer

In this post, I would like to share my thoughts on some important points related to Angelina Jolie, estrogen and breast cancer that are impactful yet have been largely overlooked by most of the coverage. As you likely know, about two years ago Angelina Jolie, who has the BReast CAncer  (BRCA1) gene and a strong …


Early Surgical Menopause Causes Loss of Memory and Thinking

A new study found that women who had their ovaries removed by surgery before they were in menopause had an increased loss of both thinking and memory loss. Taking estrogen afterward slowed down the rate of loss. The study included 1837 women who were at least 53 years of age. The one third of the …