Early Surgical Menopause Causes Loss of Memory and Thinking


A new study found that women who had their ovaries removed by surgery before they were in menopause had an increased loss of both thinking and memory loss. Taking estrogen afterward slowed down the rate of loss.

The study included 1837 women who were at least 53 years of age. The one third of the women who had their ovaries removed surgically at an earlier age had a much faster decline in thinking and memory.

They also found an association between early surgical menopause and plaques in the brain called neuritic plaques which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease though they did not find an increased amount of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers did not see this same type of rapid decline in women who went through natural menopause. The researchers have not yet studies the effects of taking estrogen or HRT on preventing this type of brain impact.

While still preliminary, the study does seem to show that women who don’t require taking out both ovaries before menopause should wait to have them removed or take estrogen if they do have their ovaries removed prior to menopause.

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