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Do You Have Osteoporosis? Ask Your Dentist.

Almost one in four people age 65 and older have lost all their teeth. Since teeth are bones, I’ve noticed that many of my menopause patients with osteoporosis also have bad teeth. Osteoporosis associated with menopause is the most common bone disorder due to problems with normal metabolism. Here is a new way to help …


A Brief Primer on Estrogen Therapy

Some women can’t live without it; others won’t come near it. Some love it; others hate it. But no matter how you fell about estrogen, it’s still the only government approved drug therapy in the United States and Canada for treating menopause-related symptoms. Before 2002 and the publishing of the Women’s Health Initiative study, a …


Promising New Sleep Med – Suvorexant

Seems like everyone is having difficulty falling asleep these days, so a new medication to help with that is always good news. The newest one is called Suvorexant. It’s called that because it targets the orexin system, a part of the brain that promotes wakefulness.This is the part of the brain that’s missing  or damaged …


Got Hot Flashes? Try Hypnosis!

A new study presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine in New Orleans gave a new tool for women in menopause looking for an alternative treatment for hot flashes – hypnosis. A five-session program reduced both the frequency and the severity of hot flashes by 80%. And there were side benefits …


K-Y Liquibeads Vaginal Moisturizer Recalled by FDA

Johnson and Johnson is being asked to recall over 69,000 units of it’s K-Y Liquibeads products after receiving over 200 complaints from consumers between June 25, 2010, through Dec. 12, 2011 that the product not dissolving or having an uncharacteristic consistency or texture. A spokeswoman for the company said the recall wasn’t unsafe and does not affect other …


Older Men & Women Have More Problems With Sleep

This new study shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Most of my menopause patients complain of poor sleep. But the problem in aging isn’t falling asleep; it’s staying asleep. A study done at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that people ages 64-74 were 4 times more likely to wake up during the night than younger people …


Estrogen Still Best Treatment for Hot Flashes

Ten years after the Women’s Health Initiative caused millions of women to throw away their estrogen, continued research shows estrogen is still the best way to stop hot flashes…and it’s not as unsafe as the original study suggested. Read more. Get FREE eBook on How to Take Estrogen.


Age of Menopause Can Affect Health

If you’ve already finished having your family, does the age of menopause matter? A new study suggestes it does. Women who go through menopause before age 47 increases a woman’s chances for increased loss of calcium in the bones, osteoporosis, bone fractures and even death. Click here for free ebook on menopause and how to …

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