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Music Monday: Diabetes Song; Diabetes and Menopause

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. For women in menopause, there is a lot to understand about diabetes. Many common symptoms of menopause and also happen if you have diabetes. Both conditions can lead to: Hot Flashes Sweating Frequent urination Foggy thinking Irritability Tiredness   Diabetes is the number 6 killer of women ages 45 to …


Your Belly Fat a Clue to Metabolic Syndrome

Are you struggling with midlife belly fat? Belly fat can mean much more more than how you look or your jeans or dress size. Your jelly belly may be a clue you’ve got metabolic syndrome. I’m discussing metabolic syndrome in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month. In the U.S., 114 million people either have diabetes or …


Diabetes Song in Honor of Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month. And diabetes definitely needs more awareness. There are approximately 114 million people in the U.S. affected by diabetes. 30 million have the disease and 84 million more people have prediabetes meaning their blood sugar is elevated but not yet quite to the point that they are diagnosed with diabetes.   …