The Hot Years Magazine: Free Christmas Holiday Issue

The Hot Years Magazine: Free Christmas Holiday Issue

How do you get your health information?


It’s a fact: 75% of women given a list of menopause symptoms don’t realize those symptoms are associated with menopause.


In today’s ever changing health information world, the most important thing you can do to stay well is to be informed so you can make good health choices.


But that can be difficult to do. There’s so much information.


And  a lot of it isn’t accurate or doesn’t apply to you.

That’s why we’ve decided to make The Hot Years, the #1 magazine for midlife women, absolutely free and deliver it right to your inbox.


All you have to do is CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken to There you can download your free copy and read it on Apple, Android or your laptop computer.


In just a few minutes of reading, issue 43, will give you information on how to slow down aging, special risks you should know about that women ages 40-60 face in the workplace, exercises you can do at your work desk in less than a minute, all about on a new bioidentical hormone, an FDA warning on vaginal laser therapy and a new perimenopause test that tells you if you are near or far from menopause. You’ll also get a recipe, a new Christmas song, and more.


Download your free issue of the #1 magazine for midlife women now at


And yes, it’s OK to share this email with friends and family.


Happy and Healthy Holidays!

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