Menopause in the Workplace – My interview with The National Menopause Foundation


It’s World Menopause Day!


In honor of the day, I was interviewed by Claire Gill of The National Menopause Foundation about menopause in the workplace.

In This Episode, we delve into:

  • Dispelling common misconceptions about menopause.
  • The workplace challenges faced by women navigating menopause.
  • Practical changes to support women during this transition.


You’ll also gain invaluable guidance on how women can approach menopause confidently, what women can and should do to prepare for menopause, and how to initiate conversations that answer their questions with their healthcare providers.

CLICK HERE and tune in for a wealth of insights on managing menopause in the workplace and beyond.



Episode #16 – Managing Menopause in the Workplace – Dr. Mache Seibel

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