Do You Know the Most Common Health Condition in Women?


It’s International Women’s Day. When you think about women’s health, which of these do you think is most common?

1. Infertility?

2. Pregnancy?

3. Cancer?

4. Menopause?

If you guessed #4 you are correct. Because even though those other conditions are common, every woman will reach menopause and most are not prepared.

Just like you get your car inspected every year, you get your house inspected for energy efficiency or your lawn treated to keep out weeds and pest, there are things you could be doing to enjoy the life you want to live.

But as I’ve traveled across the country speaking to hundreds of women as part of my book tour for The Estrogen Fix, I discovered that most women and many doctors are confused about menopause and still believe untrue myths that keep millions of women toughing it out.

They are doing nothing.

And doing nothing is risky business…

It causes the body to age faster and increases the risk of chronic illnesses.

To help women reduce those risks and learn more about this universal time in life, I’ve created a Beat Menopause Bootcamp that is starting soon.

It’s 14 Days of daily emails to provide specific things you should be doing, recipes and exercises just for this time in life, meditations to relax and restore you, a Facebook group and weekly calls to inform you.

Plus a website full of videos and audios and content you can put to use immediately.

It’s all starting soon so check it out here at

Start doing the things you should be doing to enjoy the most common health condition women face. International Women’s Day is the perfect time to check it out.

Here’s a short video about it.

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