Forget The Bucket List…

Forget The Bucket List…

I’m always hearing people talk about their bucket list.


Climb Mount Everest. Bowl a perfect 300 score. Visit Tahiti. Parachute out of an airplane.


The Bucket lists go on and on.


Maybe you have a bucket list of things you want to do.


There’s nothing wrong with a bucket list. Lots of people have them and they can be something really special to look forward to.


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I’ve thought about what my answer would be if someone asks me what’s on my bucket list…


I don’t have one!


I’m actually doing everything I want to do and have everything I want.


I have a loving family. I’m in good health. I have plenty to eat. And my needs are rather simple. My one extravagance is I love to fish and wherever there is water and fish I try to catch one.


So my issue isn’t what else can I do.


My desire is to not do what I don’t want to do. ‘Cause what I want to do I do really well.


So I don’t have a bucket list. I have an F-rhymes-with-bucket-It List.


I have things I don’t want to do and I no longer want to do them.


I want things off of my to-do list.


So now I try to identify tasks that take too long, are unenjoyable, fatigue me mentally or, are just plain unpleasant for me. These very same tasks are things that other people are really good at and they probably enjoy doing them.


It could be bookkeeping, dealing with computer software, copy editing. It doesn’t matter. If it’s a pain, I’m trying not to do it.


I don’t know if everyone has a bucket list…


But I bet everyone has a F-rhymes-with-bucket-It List.


What’s on yours?


PS: Stay on till the end of the recording for a fun surprise about swears.

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