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New Female Condom Offers Safe, Pleaurable Sex in Perimenopause – Mache Seibel, MD and Condax Featured in Wired Magazine

  THIS IS THE COVER   WIRED MAGAZINE COVER ARTICLE TITLE “Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton on the NSA, Safe Sex, and American Exceptionalism” BY STEVEN LEVY 11.12.13 6:30 AM   and this is OUR TEAM’S RESEARCH IN THE SAME ISSUE PLEASURABLE PROTECTOR Condax’s Air-Infused Female Condom BY MARK YARM In the developing world, it’s …


4-Part Webinar Series – Menopause: Changes During the Change

I’m thrilled to tell you about my four-part webinar “Optimizing Menopause” webinar series.  You can still sign up on my website at: The introductory webinar to this series was so well received that it was full within 12 minutes. (The good news is I’ve found another platform so that won’t happen again!) What will I …


New Drug For Painful Sex

Tuesday February 26th the FDA approved a new drug for painful sex. It’s called Osphena and it is a selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERM. This medication is similar to other medications iof this type such as Tamoxifen and Raloxifene. SERMs activate some tissues that are sensitive to estrogen such as in this case, the …


A Brief Primer on Estrogen Therapy

Some women can’t live without it; others won’t come near it. Some love it; others hate it. But no matter how you fell about estrogen, it’s still the only government approved drug therapy in the United States and Canada for treating menopause-related symptoms. Before 2002 and the publishing of the Women’s Health Initiative study, a …


Radiation Causes Fatigue That Gets Better With Time

There is good news for women who have early stage breast cancer and require treatment with radiation. Although fatigue is a common experience, only about 6% of women treated suffer from fatigue 1 year later. A new study of 218 Australian women with early stage breast cancer treated with either adjuvant radiation, chemotherapy, or both, can …


Dr. Mache Joins Huffington Post

I’m delighted to tell you that I’ve been asked to blog for the Huffington Post. My first blog post was just featured and received a lot of attention. I think you’ll find it interesting. Click here to read it.


Smoking Leads to Early Menopause

It’s bad enough that every cigarette you smoke shaves about 7 minutes from your life. But now comes another review in the February 2012 issue of Menopause that shows smoking lowers the age of natural menopause. First the background. Natural menopause, the kind that happens from normal aging and not from surgery or chemotherapy, happens …


Increased Risk of STDs among 50+

The boomers or gaining in numbers and so is their incidence of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Maybe it’s all the Viagra giving sex a greater likelihood of occurring with aging. Since pregnancy isn’t an issue, people might just not be thinking about STDs. Seems they should be. For additional info.  Click here for a link to a …


Women's Sexuality in Menopause

A few years ago Karen Giblin asked me to write a theme song called Red Hot Mama for her Red Hot Mama’s menopause organization. One of the lines in it goes – “Just because I’m in the ‘Pause doesn’t mean I’m dead.” That line underscores what a number of studies show; that sexual activity is alive …


New Study on Sexual Satisfaction in Older Women: Use It, Don't Lose It

Aging Americans can and do enjoy high levels of sexual satisfaction. A new study published in the January 2012 issue of the American Journal of Medicine on sexual activity in older American women contained both good news and potential concerns. The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine study,[1] followed 806 older women in …

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