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New Female Condom Offers Safe, Pleaurable Sex in Perimenopause – Mache Seibel, MD and Condax Featured in Wired Magazine

  THIS IS THE COVER   WIRED MAGAZINE COVER ARTICLE TITLE “Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton on the NSA, Safe Sex, and American Exceptionalism” BY STEVEN LEVY 11.12.13 6:30 AM   and this is OUR TEAM’S RESEARCH IN THE SAME ISSUE PLEASURABLE PROTECTOR Condax’s Air-Infused Female Condom BY MARK YARM In the developing world, it’s …


Dating Over 50 Potentially Risky Business

With the divorce rate over the past 20 years increasing over 50%, more and more women (and men) are finding themselves single and dating. Now a whopping one third of adults 46 – 64 are divorced, separated or never married in 2010 compared with 13% in 1970 according to the NY Times. That ties in …