4-Part Webinar Series – Menopause: Changes During the Change


I’m thrilled to tell you about my four-part webinar “Optimizing Menopause” webinar series.  You can still sign up on my website at: https://www.drmache.com/store/optimizing-menopause-a-four-webinar-series/ The introductory webinar to this series was so well received that it was full within 12 minutes. (The good news is I’ve found another platform so that won’t happen again!)

What will I cover?  In the first webinar, tomorrow, I will begin the series by covering, in great depth, some the most common questions women ask me about as they transition through menopause and the challenges around menopause that all women face after 40 years old. After that, the webinar series will cover some of the most difficult issues, like weight loss, estrogen (or no estrogen – and alternatives to estrogen), and finally, Better Sex after 50! Here is the schedule for all four webinars – don’t worry if you can’t be there live, there will be an ever-green replay available for everyone who signs up.

Webinar #1:
Title: Menopause: Changes During the Change

Webinar #2:
Title: Menopause: Weight Loss (and Gain) after 45

Webinar #3:
Title: Estrogen, No Estrogen, Alternatives to Estrogen

Webinar #4:
Title: Better Sex after 50!

I’m confident that this series of informative webinars will be very valuable to everyone, but I’d like to add one more bonus webinar – a live Q&A to answer your personal questions.  I’ll be announcing the date for that Q&A later on in the series.  The fee for all four webinars, plus the Q&A session is only $197, and if you’re only interested in one or two of the topics, you can purchase individual registrations for each on my website at: https://www.drmache.com/store/optimizing-menopause-a-four-webinar-series/

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!

Dr. Mache Seibel, Founder of My Menopause Magazine
Recipient 2013 Media Award from the North American Menopause Society

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