Hot Flashes - Your Questions Answered


Are you looking for a way to get your most pressing menopause questions answered?

This video of last week’s Facebook LIVE was to over 1,500 women who listed to a short introduction about hot flashes and then asked their most important questions. I believe you will find this helpful. I wanted to share it here to allow more women to benefit.

Hot flashes are the second most common symptom of menopause after irregular periods and the one that brings women to see their health care provider because they make women uncomfortable, embarrassed, or just plain miserable.

Join me each Thursday at 9:00pm eastern. It begins with a short overview and then I answer your questions. You can either just listen or post your most pressing question in advance at to be sure we get to them. There you’ll also get a direct link to the MyMenopauseMagazine page on Facebook.

Enjoy the video! Hope to see you some Thursday at 9:00 pm eastern at Ask Dr. Mache. We focus on a different topic each week.

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  • May 31, 2017

    Dr. Seibel,
    I went on HRT 6 years ago at the age of 56. My last period was 3 years earlier. I had severe hot flashes and exhaustion and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia within a year after my last period. I went on HRT on the suggestion of my fibro specialist to see if I would have more energy. She thought that since my fibro symptoms coincided almost to the day of my last period, HRT might help. By the time I started HRT, I was no longer being awakened by hot flashes. I seemed to be through the worst of my menopausal symptoms. I was on HRT for 3 years. I did not have more energy, but I did lose 8 pounds without dieting or increasing exercise. At the 3 year mark, my insurance company decided it would no longer cover the cost of estrogen patches. I did not want to bear the cost, so I discontinued HRT in May 2014. The rebound hot flashes were absolutely miserable. I felt far worse than before I started HRT. The symptoms have abated somewhat now that 3 years have passed, but I still wake up several times every night with hot flashes. My last period was 9 years ago, in May 2008. Is there anything I can do other than continue to tough it out? If I had known that coming off of HRT would be so difficult, I never would have started!

    • admin
      June 28, 2017

      Hi Kathy,
      It’s always better to stay on estrogen than to come off and on. Talk with your doctor about alternatives to estrogen first. Ask about Brisdelle – a low dose antidepressant that is very helpful. There are other alternatives as well. If none work, then have a discussion about restart of estrogen. In the meantime, get my free download on 10 Mistakes That Trigger Hot Flashes at

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