Musical Monday: Sun Ra Lullaby to help you Sleep and Relax


Ever have difficulty sleeping? I’m not surprised if you said, “Yes.” Among my patients and friends, poor sleep is one of the most common complaints people talk about. It seems almost no one is spared at least a little insomnia.


Several years ago I composed a series of three lullaby albums (Lullabies for Kids of All Ages, Sleep Tight, and Relax) to help people of all ages sleep better. The inspiration for them began when my father in law was being treated for cancer. It was really difficult for him to sleep so he asked if I could write some music to help him. I researched key signatures and tempos and also the sequence of the compositions to maximize their relaxation and sleep impact.


That led to the three album series. The music has won a number of awards including iParenting Awards from that Disney owned company. It’s also used in medical facilities to calm people during proton beam radiation, doctor’s offices and other medical settings, as well as playing in the bedrooms of hundreds of kids whose parents have let me know how much they’ve enjoyed it.


One of the compositions is called Sun Ra Lullaby. Sun Ra was an American jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, and poet known for his experimental music. This particular composition is very ethereal and peaceful so I named it after Sun Ra. You can CLICK HERE to listen to it. To listen to or purchase this or more of my musical compositions CLICK HERE.

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