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Music Monday: Three Inkwells–The Past, The Present, The Future

This Music Monday offers perspective on how differently people view things over time.   The three short poems together are called Three Inkwells. The individual poems are entitled, The Past, The Present and The Future. The piano accompaniment is performed by Ben Schwendener. The poems, music and spoken word are by Dr. Mache.   Enjoy …


Music Monday: Find Out Who You Are – Country Song

It’s spring. We look out the window and see which of our trees are still healthy, which flowers are coming up, and take a fresh look at the condition of the place we live.   The most important place we live is inside our bodies and minds. If you’re happy with who you are and …


Music Monday – Strength From Within, Gospel Song about Finding Inner Strength

I originally wrote this song about the terrorist attack on the twin towers, when the towers and the world as we knew it seemed like they were tumbling down. The country and the world needed to summon their inner strength to keep moving forward.   Today,  just like that challenging time, there are many forces …


Music Monday: Love Doesn’t Hurt – How a song opened discussion about abusive relationships

For many women and teens February is not all about chocolate and roses, but about how to escape from an abusive relationship. For many it is very difficult to talk about this topic, let alone take action to make changes.   Songs can be a way of opening the conversation.   My wife and I …