How to Navigate the 7 Cs of Menopause

How to Navigate the 7 Cs of Menopause

You’ve probably heard the term “Seven Seas.” It refers to the world’s seven largest bodies of water: the North and South Pacific Oceans, the Southern Pacific or Antarctic Ocean, the North and South Atlantic Oceans, the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. It implied a great journey, challenging navigation and an element of adventure.


Menopause also has some uncharted waters. And I believe if you want to navigate midlife, you need to know how to navigate the 7 Cs of Menopause. For many women, menopause is a challenging journey, and a framework can help you achieve smoother sailing. I’ve adapted some of these principles from a business model by Dan Sullivan. The first three Cs are about how to view any challenges you may be facing. The last four address how to frame the solutions that can help you. Below are the 7 Cs.


    1. Confused. Menopause symptoms and treatments are confusing not only to most women, but also to many of their health-care providers. What is happening to my body? What is happening to my mind? What are the options that can help me or be used to treat my symptoms?
    2. Conflicted. Who should I choose to help me? Should I treat or not treat? How much? How long? What dose? When do I start? When do I stop? Is it safe?
    3. Consequences. Not knowing the consequences can lead to “toughing things out rather than figuring things out.” That leads to no action and unnecessary suffering. So what steps can you take to move yourself forward.
    4. Commitment. When faced with confusion, conflict and unknown consequences, it’s challenging to summon enough commitment to figure out how to solve your problems. You need a starting point, a “Why.” And the reward for finding your “Why” is feeling more empowered and more in control. Remember the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz? Once Dorothy was in mortal danger, he committed to helping her. He didn’t initially want to, but in identifying his “Why” he said, “I’ll do it for Dorothy.”
    5. Courage. With “Commitment” the Cowardly Lion found his courage. Once you commit to helping yourself feel better during this challenging time, you, too, will find your courage. Do it for you and all those who depend on you. You know how the airline attendant always says, “Place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping those traveling with you.”
    6. Capability. You’re a capable woman in so many areas of your life. But until you make a commitment and gain your courage, you may not risk moving forward to utilize your capabilities to figure out how to navigate menopause. Your ability will only be realized when you muster your energy to channel your capability to achieve a healthier, happier more hormonally balanced life.
    7. Confidence. And having the commitment, courage and capability will empower you with the confidence to create your menopause breakthrough so you can navigate the 7 Cs of menopause and become a partner in your healthcare.

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