Newest Diagnostic Tests for Ovarian Cancer

Newest Diagnostic Tests for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer isn’t the most common cancer, but it’s one of the most lethal.

That’s because 70% of the time ovarian cancer has already spread before it is diagnosed. It is very difficult to either feel on exam or find by ultrasound because the earlier cancers are so small compared with the amount of area of a woman’s pelvis.


These two new tests being studied are not quite ready for routine clinical use, but they are hopefully coming soon.



One test uses a small brush to take a sample of cells from the end of the fallopian tubes where it is believed most ovarian cancers originate. It’s kind of like a pap smear of the fallopian tubes.


The other test is a blood test that measures ovarian cancer DNA that is shed into the bloodstream. This test is similar in concept to Cologuard for colon cancer detection of colon caner DNA in a stool sample.


These studies, done at Yale, reflect what is being done at several places throughout the United States. Hopefully, they will be available soon and may be available in some universities where studies are being done to evaluate how effective these test will be.


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