Do you have a BRCA gene mutation? P.S. The risk is not just breast and ovarian cancer!


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Today, I want to cover something that is very important to me. This week, BRCA gene mutation has been a hot topic in the news. As most of you know, Angelina Jolie made the difficult decision to get a preventative double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer. Jolie did a great service in terms of increasing awareness for the gene mutation, but there is a huge elephant in the room that no one seems to be talking about: the silent killer- pancreatic cancer.

My wife, Dr. Sharon Seibel, has a similar story to Jolie (although she tested positive for BRCA2 and Angelina tested for BRCA1). Sharon has a strong family history of ovarian cancer, which made us aware of the testing that she needed, or so we thought.

Sharon tested positive for the BRCA2, and although it wasn’t a shock because of her family history, we got serious about preventative measures. She had all the preventative surgeries to reduce her risk of ovarian cancer. Sharon got cancer screens every 6 months. We thought all of her ducks were in a row, but what we did not see coming was her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Join me tonight on VividLife at 8pm EST as I talk with Ed and Deb Shapiro about this silent killer and ways that women can prevent it.

My goal is to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer screening in those who test positive for BRCA1 or 2. The risk is real and the testing is now available in selected centers.


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